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Subliminal Messages Affirmations

What Are Subliminal Messages?

Subliminal Messages embedded with Affirmations are powerful statements that can enable you to achieve your goals fast. If listened to daily, they can help with motivation, self-sabotage & negativity. For best success, listen to subliminal messages embedded with positive affirmations twice daily.

How To Write Personal Affirmations
Discover how to write personal affirmations for any area of your life which needs changing. Easily write inspiring affirmations & turn them into subliminal messages. Personally written self help affirmations work best every time. Visit our page on writing affirmations to find out more.

Create & Record Affirmations
Easily create & record subliminal messages affirmations for maximum effect. Learn how others are writing their affirmations & then recording them as subliminal messages. If you don’t have the time to repeat affirmations then recording your own messages is the way to go, they also lead to a faster outcome. Check out our page on Recording Subliminal Affirmations for more information.

Subliminal Affirmations For Negative Energy
Do you feel negative energy around you? Do you think some people you know are negative? Learn how to rid yourself of negative energy. Repeat affirmations regularly and no longer be affected by negativity. Learn more about Affirmations For Negative Energy by visiting our page here.

Subliminal Affirmations For Success
List of affirmations for all areas of your life in which you would like to succeed. Success affirmations can help you to overcome difficult periods of your life & help you to move on and attain your goals & dreams. Discover more about Affirmations For Success by visiting our success page.

Money Bag

Subliminal Message Money Affirmations
Discover how anyone can use this attract money technique to open their mind to attracting wealth. Attract money in abundance when your mind already believes it. Change the way you think about money and money will come to you. Bypass the over-analytical part of the mind with this attract money fast technique. Find out more about Manifesting Money with affirmations by visiting our page here.

Broken Hearted woman

Broken Heart Subliminal Affirmations
Find out how anyone no matter how broken-hearted they are, can get over someone fast. By using the emotional intelligence technique, you can change the way you think about someone & move on very quickly. If you’re wondering how to get over someone you love, then this technique could be just what you’ve been looking for. Learn how to easily fix a broken heart by following our instructions here.

Meditation man opening chakras drawing

Chakra Subliminal Message Affirmations
Discover how to open closed chakras. By listening to the balance chakras recording, anyone can open closed chakras or balance any of the seven main chakras. All you need to do is listen to recorded affirmation messages buried deep within the music & your chakras will start to open one by one. Visit our definitive guide on how to balance all 7 Chakras here.

Self Confident Woman

Confidence Subliminal Message Affirmations
Boost self-confidence. All you need to do is listen to these build self-confidence messages for a few days, once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. After a short period of time you’ll notice a change in your outlook & will start acting on it. Visit our confidence Affirmations page for more information on boosting confidence.

Daily Affirmations

Binaural beats
Learn how to write your own messages & mix them in with Binaural beats. Anyone can create binaural beats with this software. It’s easy to use & adding your own written or recorded messages is simple also. You can write an inspiring message for everything wrong in your life & create binaural audio for it. Visit our Binaural Beats page to learn more about creating your own recordings.

Sleeping woman in bed listening to subliminal affirmations.

Dream Subliminal Recall
Ever wonder what you dreamt of the night before. Remember your dreams by listening to these recordings. By using this dream recall method, you can remember every detail of your dream & interpret the dream as the recall is so vivid. Visit our Dream Recall page to discover techniques on remembering your dreams.

Happy Woman on beach with arms out stretched.

Life-Changing Subliminal Message Affirmations
By using these life-changing recorded messages, anyone can gain confidence almost overnight. These life-changing techniques can change the way you think & make decisions. Once you start to change, others will take notice. Life change hypnotherapy or NLP is the solution you’ve been looking for & will put you on the right path for life. Learn more about how you can turn you life around by visiting our Life Changing Affirmations page.

I AM Affirmations

I AM Affirmations
Learn how I AM Affirmations work. Discover the science behind affirming one’s beliefs. Complete list of I AM Worthy messages to digest. Visit our I AM Affirmations page & learn why these types of Affirmations are so important.

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