Change Your Mind – Improve Your Brain Power

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Naturally Improve Brain Power with Affirmations

There are many ways to improve brain power naturally. Many use several methods in combination to improve memory & cognitive ability.

Besides changing your diet & taking exercise you can change the way you think by just using powerful affirmations twice a day.

Being Aware All The Time

Having a powerful mind will enable you to see the world from an unlimited perspective. Being clever comes from deep inside the mind.

Some of us are born clever but most of us are born with average intelligence. Improving intelligence makes you aware all of the time.

improve brain power drawing
improve your brain power

Realize Your Potential

Intelligence is the ability to learn new things & to completely understand them. People with high intelligence can see all the angels right off the bat whereas the rest of us need time to comprehend the material.

Being intelligent enables you to apply the knowledge you’ve already learned to your environment & if need be, adapt it to suit your situation.

Changing Average Intelligence

If you’re in the majority & have just average or below-average intelligence then the good news is that you can change this in a very short period.

By meditating we can change the way our neurological links deep within the mind interact with each other & even form new connections with other neurons.

brain power affirmations drawing with neurons
brain power affirmations

Improve Brain Power Affirmation Examples

  • 1. My memory is perfect
  • 2. My recall is accurate
  • 3. I always remember things
  • 4. I can easily concentrate
  • 5. I focus with ease
  • 6. My memory improves every day
  • 7. My thinking process is faster
  • 8. My memory is excellent.

What is Sophophobia?

Many of us suffer from a phobia by the name of Sophophobia which means we have a fear of learning. 

The cause of Sophophobia varies but it could come down to a fear of failing or we just think it’s not worth the effort. 

So, to have better intelligence, one would expect that we would have to put the head down and begin studying, or maybe now there’s an easier way.

Freely Expand The Subconscious Mind

By using Subliminal affirmations anyone can change the way they think. This technology is fast becoming the number one route to improving intelligence.

Subliminal Technology is Scientifically proven & research suggests that using embedded subliminal messages twice a day for a few weeks can have a powerful effect.

naturally improve brain power of mans brain
naturally improve brain power

Powerful Embedded Affirmations

It works by embedding positive messages in the background so when you listen you’ll never hear them consciously but will pick up on them subconsciously. 

By entering our subconscious we can learn at a faster rate than we normally would & improve our brainpower over time.

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