Easy To Use Affirmations For Life Change

Positive Woman on the beach

Affirmations for life change are used to change the way we think about our current life & make a move to a new way of thinking in the hope that our life will change for the better. Verbalizing these affirmations to yourself each & every day can alter the subconscious & change your life.

Firstly let’s look into how affirmations can change you in a positive way & how by using two simple techniques we can create powerful Affirmations easily.

You’ll discover which affirmations work best for you & you’ll learn to combine them by using a scientifically proven technique that will change your life forever.

As the old saying goes, if you hear something often enough, you’ll eventually believe it. This is true when it comes to affirmations.

woman on mountain meditating
Life Changing Affirmations

By using positive subliminal affirmations we can change the way we perceive the world and we will act in a certain way and other people will take notice.

True subliminal affirmations, will use positive messages which will change your behavior and enable you to deal with any situation in a positive constructive way. 

In everyday life, we can use subliminal affirmations to influence the way we interact with others and change their perception of us.

By using positive messages in a specially structured way you can spark curiosity in others & influence the way they interact with you without you even knowing it. You will also neutralize any self-limiting beliefs you may have about yourself.

By using powerful targeted subliminal words which drive emotional response, we can subtly tap into our subliminal mind and influence our decision making.

Some of us who use subliminal messages regularly will notice after a while that their communication & interpersonal communication with other people will easily change without any real effort.

It all seems to happen on Auto-Pilot. Your language will change in a certain way so that it will bring out certain feelings not only in you but in those who surround you.

In other words, you’ll find yourself naturally speaking and acting with other people and will exert influence over them.

You’ll notice a change in the way you evoke certain thoughts and feelings in yourself & other people in an unlimited way.

Positive Life Change Woman on Mountain
Positive Life Change

Which Affirmations Work best?

There are affirmations for just about everything that ails us. So, to get us started, we’ll list the best messages for positive thinking as these are usually the affirmations other people use first to get them in the right frame of mind. Then we’ll take a look at other popular messages for phobias, anxiety, etc.

25 Affirmations For Life Change

  • 1. I am in Control
  • 2. I am Successful
  • 3. I am Calm
  • 4. I am Positive
  • 5. I Forgive & Forget
  • 6. I am an Achiever
  • 7. I am Proud of my life
  • 8. I am Enough

Affirmations for Phobias

  • 1. I am Safe
  • 2. I have Clarity of Mind
  • 3. I am Positive
  • 4. I become Stronger Every Day
  • 5. I have the Potential
  • 6. I Face My Fears Easily
  • 7. I am Stronger than Yesterday

Affirmations for Weight Loss

  • 1. I Easily Resist Temptation
  • 2. I am Fit
  • 3. I am Slim
  • 4. I always Eat Well
  • 5. I am Mindful about What I Eat
  • 6. I am Confident
  • 7. I love Healthy Food
  • 8. I have no Guilt Around Food
  • 9. I Always Drink Plenty Of Water
  • 10. I Love My New Life
Woman on beach - life change
Life Change Affirmations

How to Easily combine two techniques? 

We now have our Affirmations but for these to work effectively, we need a technique to get these positive messages into your mind daily. Remember what we discussed earlier, how by hearing something often enough, we’ll eventually believe it. 

So how do we effectively go about this? We simply can’t repeat affirmations to ourselves day in and day out, it’s just not practical. People do not have the time these days to constantly repeat positive messages to themselves.

Most people will eventually give up without ever having gained any of the benefits. Do not give up, there is an easier way.

woman sitting on rock meditating
Change Life Affirmations

What if there was an easier way?

Now, what if we mixed these messages into a subliminal recording. We’d never actually hear these affirmations but our subconscious mind would pick up on them, right?, and why is this a good thing? because by entering our subconscious mind we can alter the way we think without any of the work involved. 

Let’s talk about the benefits so you can make the right decision and use subliminal Affirmations with confidence,”

All we’d need to do is listen to a music recording & embedded within are our positive messages which we can’t hear but will be picked up by the subconscious mind.

Anything entering our subconscious via the back door is the best way to affect our behavior positively and will give amazing results in a very short period.

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