Discover Powerful Technique For Weight Loss

Slim Woman Weight Loss

Weight Loss affirmations are used in conjunction with dieting & may help to change your perception of food. Using daily affirmations, may alter the subconscious mind & change your relationship with food for good. Affirmations may help you in choosing healthier foods which can lead to weight loss.

Weight Loss Affirmations

Discover how to naturally lose weight while you listen to Affirmations. By using subliminal affirmations, you can easily change your behavior towards food.

By bombarding your subconscious mind with subliminal messages you can bypass the over-analytical part of the brain.

You’ll become aware of the bad foods you’re eating and realize that good foods are just as tasty.

When we bypass the conscious part of the brain & direct affirmations directly into the subconscious, we can avoid a lot of the time it would normally take for us to lose weight. 

It’s almost magical the way it works, it kick starts your fitness regime & prepares you for a leaner fitter body.

Subliminal Affirmations

Slim woman with measuring tape around waist.
Affirmations to lose weight

We can completely bypass the over-analytical part of the brain which is the main problem for most of us when it comes to losing weight.

This is the part of the brain that questions everything & will put the seeds of doubt into your conscious mind.

This is why you find yourself making up excuses when it comes to losing weight.

It’s also the reason why you won’t go for that long walk or play sports. These are the things you should be doing to drop some pounds.

Many people who are trying to get to their ideal size will spend many hours in the gym but to no avail.

They put all of the weight they lost back on sooner or later. This happens because they get back into the same rut over and over again.

To stop this from happening, we need to change the way we think about food. We need to reprogram our brain to accept healthy choices.

Self-help weight loss hypnosis or NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming) as it’s also known, can help you in your fight against being overweight.

There’s no real work involved, it’s perfect for anyone who has tried to lose weight before and failed. 

Losing the pounds with affirmations will give you the results you’ve been looking for, it’s easy to use and is very cost-effective.

Using scientifically proven subliminal messages to lose weight is the smart way to a leaner fitter body.

20 Weight Loss Affirmations

  • 1. I accept my body & who I am.
  • 2. I am the creator of my future. 
  • 3. I have no guilt around food choices.
  • 4. I believe in myself.
  • 5. I am grateful.
  • 6. Losing weight comes naturally to me.
  • 7. I see myself at my ideal weight.
  • 8. I love the taste of healthy food.
  • 9. I easily maintain my ideal weight.
  • 10. I love my body.
  • 11. I am eating healthy foods all the time.
  • 12. I love to exercise.
  • 13. I am responsible for my health.
  • 14. I am excited weighing 2 pounds less every week.
  • 15. Every day I am getting thinner.
  • 16. I love fruits and vegetables.
  • 17. I am excited to be my ideal weight.
  • 18. I am a beautiful person.
  • 19. I maintain my body.
  • 20. I am a healthy weight success story.
Weight Loss Affirmations Audio
Slim woman after losing weight.
Hypnosis to lose weight

Repeating affirmations to yourself each day can be difficult as we often forget or simply we don’t have the time. 

By listening to Subliminal weight loss mp3 affirmations you can direct these powerful messages directly into our subconscious where they will have a positive effect on your approach to healthy eating.

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