Easy Solution To Cure Your Fear Of Heights

woman high up in hammock with fear of heights

Hypnosis to cure the fear of heights

The fear of heights (acrophobia) is on the top list of the most common phobias across the world. Many of us will have this fear but few will tell you about it, as it seems silly to those that don’t suffer from it.

Many of us will just live with this debilitating phobia and just carry on but there are several methods anyone can use to overcome Acrophobia. 

For instance, a very popular method which we’ll be discussing below is to use a ‘fear of heights subliminal‘.

It’s a form of vertigo hypnosis that shows great promise in combating this phobia for good.

While many people who suffer from this phobia will seek out a course to help them some will choose Acrophobia subliminal affirmations. These are recordings that can be listened to twice a day and could change the way you feel about heights forever.

This phobia can affect some people in different ways. Some of us are afraid of great heights while others are affected by only several feet which would fall into the category of severe Acrophobia.

Have you ever noticed how when you’re flying you can look out the window of the plane & not have acrophobia? It’s strange, right? Why is this?

Maybe it’s a case of not being connected to the ground while flying, however, if we’re at the top of a tall skyscraper and we look down then the fear takes hold.

Fear of heights (Acrophobia) Test

The only way to test if you had this phobia in the past was to climb up to a height place and look down. This can be a daunting task for many who suffer from this phobia but there is an easier way today. Just by looking at videos of people who are either walking or climbing up to high places we can view from the safety of our own homes. By viewing videos like the one below regularly we can desensitize ourselves from Acrophobia. After a while, this phobia will dissipate and we can once again enjoy those views from high up places.

Why Do you suffer from a Fear of Heights?

Scientific research suggests that we all have some form of acrophobia. Scientists believe that it’s an internal mechanism that is designed to protect us from falling. 

Some of us have a mild form of this mechanism built-in while others have a more severe form which is why we could be scared of heights.

So for example, someone with a mild form of this phobia could look at the video above and only feel a small bit of discomfort. However, if you have a severe form of Acrophobia, then this video would terrify you. You simply would not be able to watch it in its entirety.

Now for most of us, this phobia is not going to cause much disruption in our lives, but for others who will often be in situations where height is involved, then this can be a real problem.

For example, if you worked in an office block then the odds are that this is a very tall building. I once knew a girl who could not walk out on the inner balcony at work because we were five stories up.

Looking down, I can understand why, as it was very high up. The problem here is that the architects installed glass partitions so everyone could see the ground below. Not very good planning, as they were not thinking about people who suffer from acrophobia.

Of course, many other things could affect you on a day-to-day basis like elevators. Have you ever take the lift with someone nervous. It’s something which some will avoid completely but that’s not practical if you work on the top floor of a skyscraper.

woman standing on bridge looking down suffering from Acrophobia

Vertigo Help at home

Being afraid of heights could also be connected to Vertigo. Some believe that someone who gets dizzy or weak knees when looking down from a great height may have excess fluid within the inner ear.

A good trick is to move your head to the side, this will alter the flow of the fluid within the inner ear & may help you in the short term.

Once you try this experiment, then you could try watching the video above or any other video about Acrophobia & see if it still has the same effect. If you are not as affected after trying the inner ear trick, then your acrophobia could be a problem with fluid in the inner ear. Remember to always seek out professional help when it comes to your well-being.

looking down spiral staircase - fear of heights
Fear of high places

Fear of Heights Hypnotherapy

One of the best cures for Acrophobia is the use of self-hypnotherapy. There are great technologies like NLP or self-hypnosis which can have a powerful effect on your fear.

By using a ‘fear of heights subliminal MP3’ twice a day, you can easily rid yourself of this fear within only a few weeks. 

It’s a scientifically proven method whereby if the user is subjected to subliminal affirmations then they will eventually believe it & so are cured of their fear.

Fear Of Heights Affirmations

1. I like being up in high places

2. I enjoy the view from tall buildings

3. I love looking down from great heights

4. I am always calm 

5. Height does not affect me

6. I love the top of tall buildings

7. I enjoy the view from tall cliffs

8. I love the view from bridges

9. I love mountain climbing

10. I am always in control

By using affirmations in combination with other therapies like subliminal messages, anyone who has a fear of heights can see great progress in only weeks. By writing and recording your subliminal messages you can speed up the whole process of ridding yourself of this phobia once and for all.

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