Fear Of Needles


Fear Of Needles Affirmations

Affirmations for the fear of needles or Trypanophobia as it is also known, can reduce the stress caused by this phobia. Fear of needles affirmations can change the way the subconscious mind reacts to needles. It is best practice to verbalize affirmations twice daily for fast results.

  • I have no fear of needles
  • I am calm around needles
  • I know that needles cannot harm me
  • I don’t mind needles
  • I am relaxed when around needles
  • I like visiting the dentist
  • I know getting an injection is a good thing
  • I like visiting my doctor
  • I am always in control
  • I feel fine when I see needles
  • I don’t think about needles
  • I have no fear of injections
  • I can easily focus on other things
  • My past fear of needles was irrational
  • My fear of needles no longer exists


The fear of needles is not uncommon and can be quite frustrating for many. This fear can induce a phobic reaction for some.

The dreaded needle can be frightening & even lead to outright panic. Being uneasy when making an appointment for the dentist or doctor is normal but when it becomes traumatic or leads to panic then this can be a problem.

Needless Suffering:

This fear is unrealistic but can be upsetting, it’s something that doesn’t make sense to you but it has an uncomfortable hold over us.

We know that the needle will not damage us in any way but we still feel apprehensive. So what’s happening here & why the panic when it comes to needles?

The problem is the over-analytical part of the brain telling you to avoid needles as it believes that they can hurt you. Of course, we know that this is not the case, we are overacting, but this part of the brain can be quite powerful & will sometimes paralyze us when it comes to making decisions that benefit us. So how do we solve this?

What if we could bypass the over-analytical part of the brain completely? Imagine if we could input positive affirmations directly into the subconscious mind and bypass the over-analytical part of the brain completely.

What would happen over a short period is that you wouldn’t even think about needles at all & would become blissfully unaware of this needle phobia when attending the doctor or dentist.

Record Subliminal Affirmations
Record Subliminal Affirmations

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