How To Easily Get Over Someone

single woman getting over someone

How to get over a crush

You’ve fallen for someone you can’t have. It’s not a nice situation to be in but it’s something we all go through sooner or later. Sometimes the attraction can be so strong it takes us a long time to get over it. However, there are a few simple methods you can use to help you get over someone fast.

Heart broken Woman lying on the bed with head in hands.
broken heart

Is there a Cure for unrequited love?

Also known as one-sided love, it’s a situation whereby the object of your desires will not return your affection for some reason. This is hard for the person to understand as they believe that they have received all the right signals. However if you find yourself in this situation, then all is not lost as there are many ways to cure this problem.

Picture of a broken heart
how to heal a broken heart

Why does Unrequited Love happen?

More often than not it’s all in the person’s mind. The object of their desire was never romantically inclined in the first place. You may be trapped in this situation because you have not set standards for yourself.

You may lack confidence so you can’t seem to move on. You still think about this person day and night even though you know it’s never going to happen but you still can’t stop thinking about them.

Woman with head in hands with broken heart.
broken heart syndrome

The person of your desire may have looked at you in a certain way & at the time you took no notice however your subconscious did. This probably triggered the chemicals Oxytocin & dopamine & gave you a good feeling. 

Every time you meet this person you get the same feeling which can become addictive hence the constant thoughts about the person.

It can become quite obsessive and can take up a lot of your time which you could be spending with someone else. Unrequited love is self-sustaining as it’s all in your mind and can last a lifetime in some cases.

Woman broke up with boyfriend.
how can you mend a broken heart

Don’t end up constantly thinking about someone you can’t have, move on with the easy solution below.

Like any other drug, coming off the Lovedrug can be quite hard and painful.

The problem here is not the person you’ve fallen in love with, they’re indifferent to you & usually totally innocent as they don’t know how you feel about them.

The problem lies within you and your mindset. It’s hard to rid yourself of these feelings but it’s not impossible.

Whether you’ve fallen for someone you can’t be with at work or in your social circle it’s not too difficult to change the way you perceive them even if you have to meet them every day.

So whatever you do, don’t give up your job so you can avoid your love interest. Change the way you think about them & eventually you’ll move on.

By changing the way you think and act you may attract the very person you’ve fallen for as he or she will now see you in a different light.

But that’s for another day to discuss, for now, we want the person out of our head so we can move on and get on with our life. So how do we do this?

Let’s discuss how you can use Affirmations to get over someone. If you keep repeating affirmations daily to yourself you’ll notice a change within you after a while. 

Affirmations To Heal A Broken Heart
  • I forgive myself
  • I can move on
  • I forgive my ex
  • I look forward to the future
  • I think about my ex less every day
  • I attract the right people into my life
  • I am loved
  • I deserve to be loved
  • I have no regrets
  • I have the courage to move on
  • I forgive & forget

Subliminal Affirmations

Woman texting with smart phone
subliminal affirmations

Now let’s see what can happen if we use affirmations in conjunction with Subliminal technology. 

By listening to music that has embedded subliminal messages a few times a day, will lead to your desired outcome which in this case is to stop thinking about the person you’ve fallen for.

The more you listen the faster the process will be & will deliver lasting changes to your life.

By using subliminal technology we can bypass our conscious mind and enter the subconscious.

By inputting affirmations into our subconscious directly we can change our behavior without us even realizing it. 

After a while, you’ll notice that you’re not even thinking about the person as often as you did. One day soon you’ll have a complete day where you haven’t even thought about that person at all.

You’ll then be able to move on with your life & find someone who respects you the way you should be respected.

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Get Your Ex Back

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