Winning Lottery Numbers Powerful Technique

Lottery balls in machine

Lottery Affirmations

Many of us will find it difficult to pick four winning numbers in the lottery never mind picking six correct numbers. Some people naturally pick good numbers often and will pick up conciliatory prizes. 

Can we predict lottery numbers? 

Not really, even so-called psychics have a hard time doing this. So how can anyone easily pick lottery numbers which have a good chance of coming up? 

Lottery Ticket Numbers Picked Using Subliminal Affirmations
Lottery Subliminal Affirmations

Lottery Subliminal

Many use lottery subliminal affirmations to help them pick lucky numbers. By using a subliminal lottery mp3 anyone can naturally select numbers that have a better chance of coming up. So how does it work?

Why We Pick The Wrong Numbers

You see, when we pick our numbers we usually unconsciously pick numbers that are familiar to us in some way or are connected together in some way like birthdays, dates of events that had meaning to us in the past. 

So more often than not, we keep picking what we think are random numbers but in reality, they are usually more or less the same numbers we choose a few weeks prior.

We can expand on the way we pick numbers by changing our thought process & easily attract numbers that have a good chance of winning.

Before we use affirmations for winning the lottery, we could use simple powerful techniques to change the way we pick numbers. For instance, we could use the below techniques to give us a better chance.

Lottery Balls
Lottery Affirmations

Powerful Lottery Technique

Follow these steps to improve your chances of winning big.

1. Omit the previous three sets of winning numbers e.g the last three winning sets of numbers would let us remove 18 numbers from our pick if the winning line is six numbers each.

2. Never pick all odd or even numbers. Pick three odd & three even numbers.

3. Pick two numbers from the top few lines, two from the middle & two from the end of your lotto slip.

By using the above technique we have improved our odds considerably. To realize the full potential of this process we could then use subliminal lottery affirmations to easily & naturally select winning numbers from our new powerful process. 

Lottery Affirmations

  • 1. I am a lottery winner
  • 2. I am destined to win the jackpot
  • 3. I naturally select the correct numbers
  • 4. I am aware of winning numbers
  • 5. I easily select winning numbers
  • 6. I naturally pick the right numbersĀ 
  • 7. I am unlimited in my ability to select winning numbers
  • 8. The universe always provides
Lottery Balls
Lottery Subliminal Messages

Law of Attraction Lottery Affirmations

Powerful subliminal lottery affirmations are used by many people across the world which enables them to consciously pick numbers that are more likely to come up. Just by listening to these mp3s or CDs, they can naturally pick winning numbers.

By using affirmations to win the lottery in combination with the three steps from the above Powerful Lottery Technique you will energize the way you pick numbers.

Imagine every week knowing, instead of hoping that you’ve picked the right numbers. You now have a far better chance of winning big time.

Lottery Affirmations Package
Lottery Affirmations

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