How To Easily Remember Your Dreams

Woman asleep dreaming

What are dreams exactly? Dreams are a series of images & thoughts which occur in a person’s mind during the sleep cycle.

For instance, you could have a dream about falling but what does it mean.

What happened in the dream before you fell? Can you remember what causes you to fall?

Is your dream of falling telling you that you need to let go of something? If so, then what is it specifically that you need to remove from your life.

By remembering every little detail of the dream, you can piece it altogether and understand completely what your dream is trying to tell you.

Dream Recall

Dream of Door opening onto snowy landscape
Dream Recall

Did you ever have a dream but you couldn’t remember the whole dream? You felt you missed out on some important message your dream was trying to tell you.

Most of us dream but many of us will forget what we dreamt about upon awakening. Dreams are important as they tell us things about the path we are taking in life.

Being able to recall what your dream was about is important because dreams are a way the subconscious mind uses to let us know when we’re getting things right.

Analyze Your Dreams

Remember Dreams of slide in clouds
Interpret Dreams

People who analyze their dreams can more often than not resolve past problems and relationships naturally.

To remember what you dreamed about is a way into the subconscious mind so it’s important that we understand our dreams so we can change the way we live our lives.

In order to understand what our dream is trying to tell us, we need to remember our dreams first.

By using certain techniques we can remember the entire dream sequence & put it in the correct order which is usually recalling the dream from back to front. 

Dream Recall Affirmations

1. I see my dreams vividly

2. I am aware of my dreams

3. I can recall my dreams always

4. I can interpret my dreams

5. My dreams are interesting

6. I remember my dreams as soon as I awake

7. I easily understand my dreams

8. My dreams are magical

Dream Recall Meditation
Girl dreaming looking at the moon.
Dream Meditation

By using subliminal audio MP3s or CDs we can naturally recall our dreams & the important messages buried within. 

Scientifically proven subliminal technology inputs positive affirmations deep within the subconscious mind which gives us amazing dream recall capabilities in only a few weeks. 

Subliminal dream techniques are a powerful way to bring about change in your life. By remembering your dreams you have a better chance of interpreting them.

When we can see every detail of our dreams, we can do a little research to see what this dream is telling us. You can then make a change in your life to rectify the situation.

Dream Recall Audio

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