Fear Of Driving – How To Cure Your Phobia

Woman driving a car

The cure for the fear of driving can be accelerated by using affirmations. When affirmations are used correctly, they can enter the subconscious mind & change the individual’s perspective so they will accept driving without fear.

The fear of driving or traveling in a car is know by a few names including Vehophobia, amaxophobia, ochophobia, motorphobia, or hamaxophobia.

This fear can have such a negative effect on the sufferer that they become paralyzed. Some people with this phobia can break out in a sweat when they encounter a problem while driving.

Most of us will get frustrated when something goes wrong but some will not take it so well. This phobia can be so strong that some people will just give up driving altogether.

Avoiding driving altogether is not a solution to this problem. Everyone needs transport at some stage & depending on public transport is not on the cards for most of us.

People who avoid driving completely will settle in a city which has good public transport. They’ll live in the city center so no need for a car.

If you are not living in a built-up area then this can be a problem as you’ll need a car at some point.

Some of us will have different fears when it comes to driving. Some will have a fear of driving over bridges for instance.

Others will have a fear of driving on Highways. These fears seem unrealistic but to some, they are very real and can stop them dead in their tracks.

Did you ever have an accident while driving? Being scared of driving after an accident is understandable & this is probably one of the biggest hurdles to overcome for many people.

The solution is to get back in the car as fast as possible & start driving. By doing this, you can rid yourself of any fear before it sets in.

Do you feel uncomfortable while driving by yourself? Driving alone for some of us can be frightening & even lead to outright panic.

Being uneasy when driving alone is normal for some but when it becomes traumatic or leads to panic then this can be a problem.

Fear Of Driving Affirmations

  • I always feel safe in a car
  • I never get lost
  • I am a safe driver
  • I am always relaxed when in traffic
  • I always drive with confidence
  • I am a better driver than most
  • I never make mistakes
  • I love the feel of the car
  • I know my way around
  • I feel relaxed in unfamiliar places
  • I know the rules of the road
  • I love driving

Fear Of Driving Phobia

Woman driving a car while having a fear of driving.
Driving Phobia

This fear is unrealistic but can be upsetting, it’s something that doesn’t make sense to you but it has an uncomfortable hold over us, it restricts us in many ways.

We know that driving is safe enough when done correctly but we still feel apprehensive. So what’s the science behind all this fear in the first place, why does it happen?

The problem is the over-analytical part of the brain telling you to avoid driving as it believes that they can be hurt by it.

Of course, we know that this is not the case if the driver is careful, we are overacting, but this part of the brain can be quite powerful & will sometimes paralyze us when it comes to making decisions. So how do we solve this?

Confident woman driving a car without any fear of driving.
Hamaxophobia Cure

Driving Fear Cure

What if we could bypass the over-analytical part of the brain completely?

Imagine if we could input fear of driving affirmations mixed with binaural beats directly into the subconscious mind and bypass the over-analytical part of the brain.

Over time, you would convince yourself that there is no real driving problem. You would feel confident driving in any situation.

All of this happens when you access the subconscious mind & this, in turn, convinces the over-analytical part of the mind that driving is safe.

Fear of driving affirmations package.

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