Fear Of Dogs – Cynophobia Treatment

Cute Dog - Fear of dogs

Fear Of Dogs Affirmations

The fear of dogs affirmations can be repeated twice daily for maximum results. Repeating affirmations directly affects the subconscious mind in a positive way & can have a noticeable effect on Cynophobia.

  • I like dogs
  • I feel safe around dogs
  • I am calm around dogs
  • I have no fear around dogs
  • I Like walking dogs
  • Dogs like me
  • I enjoy the company of dogs
  • I love walking dogs
  • I know dogs will not hurt me
  • I am in control when around dogs
  • I know dogs protect people
  • I would love a dog for company
  • I love all types of dogs

This fear can restrict your life in many ways. It can prevent you from going about your normal way of life.

Cynophobia can cause anxiety when there is no real reason to fear dogs in the first place. Being uneasy when in close contact with our canine friends is normal for some but when it becomes traumatic or leads to panic then this can be a problem.

This phobia affects around 1 in 20 people. People who suffer from this debilitating phobia can have an extreme fear of dogs.

For some, it can be terrifying and affect their ability to socialize outdoors as there are usually dogs running around.

As you can expect this leaves very little room for someone with this phobia.

They can’t for instance, go for a walk on the beach or take a walk in the park without the constant fear that some dog owner has let their dog loose without a lead.

Dogs Phobia
Cynophobia can be a big problem for some people with a more severe phobia. It may have come about by an uncomfortable encounter with a dog in childhood.

We know that being around your average dog will not be a problem but someone with this phobia can still feel apprehensive.

The problem with Cynophobia is the over-analytical part of the brain telling you to avoid our canine friends as it believes that they can hurt you.

Some dogs are dangerous, we all know that but to be afraid of all dogs is unrealistic.

We are overacting, but this part of the brain can be quite powerful & will sometimes paralyze us when it comes to making decisions that benefit us. So how do we solve this?

woman walking dog
Cynophobia Solution

Cynophobia Solution:
What if we could bypass the over-analytical part of the brain completely? Imagine if we could input positive messages directly into the subconscious mind and bypass the over-analytical part of the brain completely.

What would happen over a few days is that you wouldn’t even think about dogs at all & they wouldn’t frighten you when in their company.

You could also write your subliminal messages & incorporate them into Binaural Beats for extra effect.

All you need to do is write some positive messages & listen to some music with embedded subliminal messages twice a day & you should notice much improvement in only a short time.

It usually only takes a couple of minutes to create an MP3 which you can then listen to anywhere.

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