Fear Of Open Spaces Cure

woman standing in big open field with fear of open spaces.

The fear of open spaces is a broad term for a more complex issue. This phobia can induce a phobic reaction for some that can be terrifying. This fear can restrict a person’s life. It could also mean that you have a fear of going outside or you have a fear of crowds.

Having a fear of leaving the house can make the individual feel very uneasy & they can feel uncertain in some situations.

A person who suffers from this phobia is not focused on why they feel this way but is thinking about how to remove themselves from their current environment.

Being uneasy when out in the open is normal for some, but when it becomes traumatic or leads to panic, then this can be a problem.

Fear Of Open Spaces Affirmations

  • I love going outside
  • I love big open spaces
  • I love going for long walks outside
  • I love visiting the beach
  • I miss being out in the open
  • I am calm when out in the open
  • I have no fear of open spaces
  • I get out in the open every day
  • I encourage others to join me outside
  • I love hiking in the mountains
  • I love to walk in the forest
  • I love to travel
  • I know being in to open will not harm me
  • I know that open spaces are good for me
  • I love the Outdoors

Open Spaces Phobia

Woman with a fear of open spaces in a crowded street.
Fear Of Open Spaces

We know that being out in the open will not damage us in any way but we still feel apprehensive.

People who suffer from this phobia will often have nausea or will find it difficult to breathe when in an open environment.

They can also suffer from other phobic reactions like having a fear of open spaces while driving in traffic.

Or they could feel uneasy when meeting large groups of people even if those people are their friends.

Some who suffer from this phobia will make excuses and completely avoid all social interactions.

They’ll constantly make excuses as to why they can’t attend the party or why they missed the night out.

Eventually, they’ll find themselves alienated as their friends will just give up on them & leave them to themselves without ever realizing that their friend has a real psychological problem.

To get over this problem the sufferer must understand that it is all in the mind. By making the effort, anyone can solve this problem in a very short period.

The problem is the over-analytical part of the brain telling you to avoid being out in the open as it believes that this situation can hurt you.

Of course, we know that this is not the case, we are overacting, but this part of the brain can be quite powerful & will sometimes paralyze us when it comes to making decisions that benefit us. So how do we solve this?

Fear Of Open Spaces Solution:

Person with a fear of open spaces in  a crowd.
Fear Of Crowds

What if we could bypass the over-analytical part of the brain completely? Imagine if we could input positive affirmations directly into the subconscious mind and bypass the over-analytical part of the brain completely.

By using subliminal technology, anyone with a phobia of being out in the open can forget about their fear over time.

By reprogramming the subconscious part of the mind, you can change the way the over-analytical part of the brain interprets open spaces.

Once you start accessing the subconscious mind you’ll start to notice a real change in a very short period.

You would no longer feel apprehensive or suffer from anxiety when in the open.

When you listen to embedded subliminal affirmations twice a day, you should notice a difference in the way you feel when you are in the open.

These are the benefits of taking action yourself. You can write & record your positive affirmations from your laptop or desktop & listen to these subliminal messages whenever you feel you need them.

Fear of open spaces affirmations package.

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