Fear Of Spiders Treatment

Picture of spider - fear of spiders

Fear Of Spiders Affirmations

The fear of spiders can induce a phobic reaction and pure panic for some of us. To stop this fear from taking hold, we can use affirmations to change the way we think about spiders for good. For best results, repeat these affirmations to yourself twice daily.

  • I like spiders
  • I have no fear of spiders
  • I feel safe in the presence of spiders
  • I feel in control when around spiders
  • I am calm around spiders
  • I have overcome my fear of spiders
  • I am not afraid of spiders
  • I enjoy looking at spiders
  • I think all arachnids are fascinating
  • I know spiders play a vital role in the environment
  • I encourage others to accept spiders
  • I find spiders webs intriguing
  • I know spiders cannot hurt me
  • I genuinely love all types of spiders

Spiders Phobia

We know that being close to your average house Spider will not cause you any harm but the encounter will still make many of us feel uneasy.

At worst, a spider in the bathroom will prevent us from taking a shower but it’s still classed as a phobia which we’re better off not having.

Some arachnids that can give you a nasty bite like the False Black Widow spider which has been making the headlines of late.

However the odds of being bitten by one of these arachnids are very rare & even if you were bitten, it still wouldn’t kill you.

So for most of us, this phobia is unrealistic but it’s something that we can put aside as it doesn’t have a major impact on our life.

scared woman - Arachnophobia

Symptoms of Arachnophobia
There are many physical symptoms that stem from Arachnophobia. Some such as nausea, excessive sweating, or shortness of breath can be embarrassing for the sufferer.

Many with severe symptoms will avoid places where they think spiders reside. It can have a very negative impact on life as these people will often avoid outdoor activities.

It’s the over-analytical part of the brain telling you to avoid arachnids that are causing all of the problems.

You see, the over-analytical part of the brain is trying to protect us but is doing such a great job of it, that it’s giving us unrealistic fears.

Arachnophobia Treatment

Some will seek out treatment for this phobia when it becomes too much. Therapy will uncover the real reasons as to why someone suffers from this phobia.

Most of the time, it’s just an encounter with some form of arachnid when in childhood which is causing all the problems.

To avoid full-blown therapy, we need treatment for our phobia which we can apply ourselves. This fear of spiders cure comes in the form of subliminal affirmations which we can write ourselves.

Imagine if we could write our own ‘fear of spiders’ affirmations and directly input them into the subconscious mind.

The over-analytical part of the brain would be completely bypassed & you would no longer be afraid of arachnids.

For example, if someone who has a spider phobia wrote down their positive affirmations about arachnids. They then recorded them in their voice & then turned them into a subliminal recording.

They could in effect input these recordings into the subconscious mind. By doing this, they could completely change the way they think about arachnids for good.

By listening to embedded subliminal affirmations twice a day, you should notice your spider phobia dissipating relatively quickly.

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