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1. Download Subliminal Software 2. Record Your Own Affirmations 3. Play Back Recording

How To Create Subliminal Messages

If you want to create change then you’ve landed on the right page. Here we’ll explain all about how to make affirmations that work best for you.

To create a subliminal message, you will first need to pick or write your messages which you will be embedding into your recording.

How To Make It Work
This is why sometimes it’s better that you write your messages rather than purchasing pre-written recordings. So why would anyone want to create their own recording? The first and usually the only reason is that people want to change their life. 

They want to change their lives as fast as possible and they believe that subliminal audio is the fastest way to achieve this goal. 

Life Changing Goals

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Here are some reasons why some people use Subliminal Audios

* Phobias – Remove a phobia for good. Your phobia could be fear such as Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, or a fear of flying for example. By using subliminal messages the correct way, you can say goodbye to these phobias for good.

* Bad Habits – Remove your bad habits. If you want to give up smoking or drinking, stop overeating or simply stop using bad language then a subliminal will eradicate these bad habits once and for all.

* Social Skills – Meet new people, stand up in public, and speak without any fear. Gain more confidence in any area of your life.

These are just a few examples where some people make changes in their lives but you can apply this technology to any part of your life which you want to change.

Record subliminal affirmations

Just Listen & Change Your Life

Woman listening to music with  headphones on.

Learning how to make a perfect recording is not too difficult but writing the correct messages can be tricky sometimes. 

You see, when you write personal messages and repeat them over and over again and again, you’re trying to get your subconscious mind to accept your new way of thinking.

The problem with this is that the over-analytical part of the brain will usually block any change as it sees change as a danger. 

According to this part of the brain, it’s better to continue on the way you’re going as it’s the safer route.

So for this to work correctly we will need to bypass the over-analytical part of the brain indefinitely. 

To do this effectively, we need to write powerful messages & input them directly into our subconscious mind.

How To Write Powerful Affirmations

Woman sitting in front of laptop writing affirmations.

For an affirmation to work correctly it has to be written in such a way as to fool the brain into thinking that the task has already been accomplished. 

In other words, you have to make the brain believe that you already have accomplished your dreams & already have the thing you desire. 

Once the subconscious mind believes this, you will start acting differently & doing things in different ways. Eventually, things will start happening & you will realize your dreams.

For all this to work you will need to write your messages in the present tense e.g. ‘I AM’ affirmations are very popular as they are in the present tense. 

So for example, if you wanted more money you could write some messages like so,

Affirmation Examples:

I am wealthy

I love my new sports car

I love seeing my bank account fill up

Money comes to me in unexpected ways

I am always lucky

By writing as if it has already happened you can trick the mind into believing it and eventually it will manifest into your life.

This is the true power of subliminal messages, they do work and many advertisers will tell you so. 

A good example would be product placement in movies. You will see the main actor on screen but in the background on the shelf is a can of soda. 

You don’t notice the can of soda, but the subconscious mind does take notice. It’s way better than placing the product right in front of you as that would be too obvious.

If it’s too obvious then the over-analytical part of the mind will always make you aware of this. 

A few weeks later while in the shop you buy that same can of soda without realizing why you did.

This is why subliminal affirmations are truly powerful and if applied correctly can change any area of your life relatively quickly.

Record subliminal affirmations

Record Your Own Audio

Smartphone with headphones attached.

Creating your recording is the best way to go as you are in charge every step of the way.

We’ve already discussed how advertisers love subliminal advertising but even they can go only so far in trying to trick you into buying something. 

Advertisers can no longer embed hidden subliminal audio within their adverts as it was seen as being too powerful.

This is viewed as false advertising and is against the law so advertisers these days stick to product placement to convince you to make a purchase. 

We also know that some people will try to manipulate you so it’s best you get your subliminal recordings from a reputable company or to be safer just make them yourself.

Record subliminal affirmations

How To Record Your Own Affirmations

Woman sitting at laptop writing affirmations.

Learning how to record your messages on a laptop will take you only a few minutes.

You can make subliminal audio which you can embed into your favorite music or listen on silent mode.

Either way, your subconscious will be bombarded with positive messages which could change your life forever.

Create a Checklist:

Woman sitting at laptop recording affirmations.

It’s probably best to just use a piece of paper but sometimes it’s also good to have a proper checklist printed.

Once you have your checklist ready, you can start recording your affirmations.

Record Your Own Affirmations

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