How To Cure Fear Of Panic Attacks

Fear Of Panic Attacks

The fear of Panic Attacks in public places can be terrifying for some of us. It’s far more common than we think and can stop someone with this phobia from going about their normal tasks.

The phobia can have a root cause in many other phobias like agoraphobia for instance.

The person affected by this phobia will have a fear of open spaces or crowds which can put an end to a lot of social gatherings for this person.

What is happening here is that the sufferer usually panics when there is a certain trigger involved.

This trigger could be anything that reminds the person of an uncomfortable situation from their past & this can start the fear.

Panic Attack & The Over Analytical Brain

Being in a crowded place is not dangerous in any way but the over-analytical part of the brain will tell us there is a danger when there is none. Why does it do this?

There are many varied complex reasons for this according to psychologists but the main reason is for protection.

The over-analytical part of the mind is telling you that there is a danger because it perceives certain situations as dangerous due to you being in some sort of similar situation as a young adult or child.

Maybe you got lost in a large crowd as a child & this is what’s triggering your phobia.

You may have been in a car crash as an adolescent or were locked into a car as a child. Or you could have had a fall from a height as a child which could be triggering your panic attacks.

The list can go on and on & can be quite varied but the end game is always an unrealistic fear about something which cannot harm us in any way.

Again there could be many reasons as to why you feel frightened when there is no need to. It’s up to you and no one else to discover why this happens in the first place.

However, in the meantime, there may be something we can do to bypass our fear. Let’s look below for the solution to our problem.

Solution For Panic Attacks:

Woman listening to music with headphones on.
Subliminal Music

Imagine if we could bypass the over-analytical part of the brain altogether.

We could put an end to these triggers which cause our fear in the first place. So how would we go about doing this in an easily controlled way?

The solution to our problem is subliminal affirmations. By using subliminal technology, we can bypass the over-analytical part of the brain altogether.

In this case, we could write our messages about positive things when being in large crowds for instance.

We could then record these messages in our own voice & then play these back to ourselves subliminally.

This would mean that we wouldn’t hear our messages being spoken but the conscious mind would pick up on them & then this would stop panicking.

It’s that simple & this subliminal technology has been proven to work in the past.

The subconscious mind is very powerful & if we can hack it then this will change the way we think and act in the real world.

Subliminal affirmations for panic attacks are simple to use & solve our problem…. 

Stop Panic Attacks Affirmations
Stop Panic Attacks Subliminal Affirmations

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