How To Cure Fear Of Public Speaking

Public Speaking Phobia

The fear of public speaking, also known as Glossophobia is more widespread than you would think. Most people at some stage of their lives will eventually have to stand up in front of a crowd and speak.

Whether it’s a speech you need to give in an auditorium in front of a large crowd or it’s a best man speech you need to give at a wedding, it can be quite uncomfortable whether you have this phobia or not.

It can be difficult for most of us but can be quite impossible for some. It can instill such a fear that the person who suffers from Glossophobia may throw up. This is how badly this phobia can affect some people.

Some of us will get butterflies in our stomachs, this is a natural behavior in a situation like this. Many of us will get sweaty hands, this is also a normal side effect of speaking in public & nothing really to worry about. 

It can be uncomfortable, but for most, once they get into the swing of things they don’t have any problems.

So what happens when you do have a serious problem with speaking in public? What can you do in the short term to change the way you deal with this phobia?

Everyone knows, even the person who panics while speaking, that there is no real danger when speaking in public. Nothing can physically happen to you but your over-analytical part of the brain will say different.

Auditorium - fear of public speaking
positive affirmations

What Causes Fear of Public Speaking

There are many reasons as to why you could be afflicted by this phobia, maybe you’re just a shy individual. Maybe you were made to stand up and give a speech in your youth that didn’t work out too well for you.

How to stop shaking when public speaking

Some people start shaking when speaking in public. They will start speaking with a shaky voice and this can be not only very noticeable but also uncomfortable for the audience. If this is you, then you have a fear of speaking in front of large crowds & you’ll need to be aware of this before you speak in public again.

Having this fear is not as big a deal as you’d think because almost everyone you will meet will also be terrified of making speeches in front of an audience. Having the jitters when speaking in public is not the end of the world, it’s something that anyone can overcome. All we need to do is practice a few things before we get up on that stand.

No. 1
Be prepared. Always have your correct notes but make sure they are in big letters and are bullet points. You can also number these bullet points which can make them easier to follow. By doing this you can follow the list down and move on to the next point with ease if you get stuck.

Take some deep breaths before you get on stage. This will get some oxygen to the brain which will remove any fogginess. By doing this, you should be able to remember important parts of your speech and always be on point.

It’s important to look up from your speech now and again to make a connection with the audience but if you feel this is too much then just keep reading from your speech. The audience will understand. Also, make sure you have a glass of water nearby as your throat can get dry when you’re nervous.

Office Meeting - Nervous Speaker
Meeting nerves

Overcoming Public Speaking Nerves

Being nervous before you make a speech is quite normal. Some people think that speaking in public is worse than death & I for one would have agreed with this statement in the past. Even the most famous of people still get nervous before they go out on stage. If you can understand that you are not the only one who is afflicted by this problem then it makes it way easier to do something about it.

There are some tricks you can learn to make your experience a lot better. Focus, Focus & Focus, this is the one thing anyone can do to stop the nerves. Focus on your material and forget about the audience. Yep, it may not look the best when you’re not engaging with the audience but if this can stop you from getting the jitters or shaking uncontrollably while speaking at work, then this is the way to go.

Improving eye contact in public speaking

Once you’re over the shaking or the jitters you can concentrate on improving your connection with the audience. You don’t have to be Mr. comedy & get everyone laughing to do this. All you need to do is make eye contact with a few people in the audience now and again. This makes it more personal so this is why eye contact is important when speaking in public.

So if you can make effective eye contact with a large number of people during your speech, then this will make your speech a memorable one. Keep your eye on that one person for at least a few seconds but don’t overdo it as the person will think you’re singling them out for some reason. A quick glance around the crowd now and again will work too. These are the do’s and don’ts of eye contact so make sure you use them if you can.

Importance of body language in public speaking

Body language plays a big part in the way you come across when making a speech in public. You will need to practice this in the mirror before taking it to the stage. Don’t worry, everyone who makes a great speech has practiced at home in front of the mirror & if they tell you they haven’t, then they’re lying.

Having good posture when speaking in public can make all the difference. By using correct body movements and gestures you can impress any audience. If your speech is lacking, then good body language can make up for this.

Always keep your body open. Don’t slouch forward, stand straight with your shoulders back and your chest out. Keep your hands to the side, do not put them in your pockets or behind your back. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, then hold something like a pointer or pen.

How to overcome lack of confidence in public speaking

The lack of confidence in speaking skills is all in the mind. I think anyone who has gone through this will tell you the same thing. It’s amazing how when someone gets into it, they completely transform, you can’t get them off the stage, they love it.

To be a confident speaker you will need to be motivated. You will need to make the effort because no one else is going to do it for you.
Having a lack of self-confidence can be left in the past if you make the effort and practice your speaking skills.

Motivation for speaking in public comes from within so if you want to or need to inspire your audience, then you will need to work on it. Below is a handy list of goals and objectives you can follow to make your journey far less complicated.

Woman making eye contact when public speaking
Eye contact in meetings

Public speaking goals and objectives

Being nervous is something that affects everyone when giving a speech in public. It’s important to know that you’re not the only one.

Practice your speech in the mirror at least once a day. Dress up for the part, i.e., if it’s a speech you need to give at work, then wear a suit and tie. This will embed itself in the subconscious mind and make it easier when doing the real thing.

Ensure that you make eye contact when giving your speech. Remember not to stare but a quick glance in the direction of someone you know can start the ball rolling.

Make sure you have the correct body language when making your speech. Stand tall and straight with your shoulders back and your chest out. Face your audience.

Fear Of Public Speaking Solution:

To get over this phobia, we need to convince the part of the brain which is telling us to fear speaking in public, that it’s ok & all will be well.

To do this, we need to bypass the over-analytical part of the mind and get directly into the subconscious mind. Here, we can implant subliminal affirmations which will calm us down and convince us that speaking in public can be an enjoyable thing.

By listening to subliminal affirmations, we can change the way we act in front of an audience. We can have confidence during our speech & get our points across without the fear of being ridiculed.

You can start listening to these recordings twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before you go to bed. 

By doing this, you will eventually convince the over-analytical part of the brain to just accept speaking in front of large crowds as a normal event that cannot harm you in any way.  

Public Speaking Subliminal MP3
Fear Of Public Speaking Subliminal Audio

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