How Do I AM Affirmations Work

Several studies into the effectiveness of repeating affirmations have shown that they do in fact work although you must believe in what you’re affirming first.

These studies also found that if you use messages that align with your core values, they have a better chance of showing results. An example of this would be that you value friendship so you would use an inspiring message like ‘I value my friends and they value me’ or something to this effect.

By using written beliefs regularly, you will activate the reward centers deep within the brain. It has been proven scientifically, that by using affirmations while receiving an MRI, a change does take place within the brain.

It shows that affirming your values regularly, will stimulate the reward centers within the brain. This is what will change the way you think and the way you act going forward.

I AM Affirmations Image
I AM Affirmations

I Am affirmations work by convincing you that what you are speaking or listening to is the truth. This can only happen if the messages are repeated over and over again.

To ensure that they hit their target, you must first believe that what you’re saying has already happened. It’s something that you’ve already done and accomplished.

By thinking this way, you can convince the subconscious mind that it’s already happened and you’ll then begin to act and do things differently. By doing things differently, you will accomplish your goals.

Inspiring messages are all about positivity which is utilized by anyone who wants to change for the better and move forward with their life.

‘I Am’ affirmations are very powerful when used the correct way. So make sure that when using them, you believe in what you’re speaking. It will only be a matter of time before you start to see results.

I AM Affirmations written on Woman

How Long Do Affirmations Take To Work

It all depends on how long you’ve been repeating them. If you are determined to see this through, then you could see results in only a few weeks.

For ‘I AM’ affirmations to work fast, you’ll need to repeat at least several positive messages a few times a day. I normally would say them out loud twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Remember, that when you first start using this technique, you won’t feel anything for a while. It takes time for you to believe what you’re saying is true.

Put your heart and soul into your messages & you should start to believe them sooner. Once you believe it, you should start to see a big shift take place.

Others will keep repeating their beliefs like a mantra all day but this is unrealistic for most of us but if you can, then by all means keep repeating them all day long until you start seeing results.

Others will record their messages and listen to them rather than speaking them out loud. This works also and can be more convenient especially if you’re busy with other things. All you need to do is put on the headphones & listen. How easy could that be?

So let us take a look at some examples of the popular ‘I AM’ affirmations below. You can select any of these which you think aligns with your beliefs & repeat them to yourself daily. If used correctly, you should notice a shift taking place within only a few days or weeks.

I Am Worthy Affirmations

  • 1. I am worth it.
  • 2. I have an exceptional life.
  • 3. I am at peace.
  • 4. I value my friends & they value me.
  • 5. I am excited about the future.
  • 6. I am always improving myself.
  • 7. I Love myself.
  • 8. I am glad I am me.
  • 9. I have nothing to prove.
  • 10. I accept love into my life.
  • 11. I am brave.
  • 12. I am happy.
  • 13. I forgive and forget.
  • 14. I am always moving forward.
  • 15. I always follow my gut instinct.
  • 16. I am a good listener.
  • 17. I always eat healthy foods.
  • 18. I never doubt myself.
  • 19. My mind is always clear.
  • 20. I know what I want in life.
  • 21. I respect my body.
  • 22. I always put my best foot forward.
  • 23. I am amazing.
  • 24. I am down to earth.
  • 25. I am grounded.
  • 26. I believe in myself.
  • 27. I release people from my life who do not align with my values.
  • 28. I am worthy of love.
  • 30. I make others happy.
  • 31. I always contribute whenever I can.
  • 32. I am genuine.
  • 33. I am fun to be around.
  • 34. I am respected by others.
  • 35. I am always enjoying myself responsibly.
  • 36. People find me intriguing.
  • 37. I am liked by many.
  • 38. I am always attracting the right people into my life.
  • 39. I am always respected by others.
  • 40. I am always looking for new ideas.
  • 41. I don’t compare myself to others.
  • 42. I am grateful for what I have.
  • 43. I am happy to improve on my accomplishments to date.
  • 44. I love being myself.
  • 45. I always avoid toxic people.
  • 46. I am always improving my life.
  • 47. I allow myself to have fun.
  • 48. I am confident
  • 49. I am one of a kind.
  • 50. I know everything works out in the end.

Here we take a look at some popular affirmations about money. Remember, that for these to work, you will need to repeat them to yourself daily.

You don’t need to use them all, you can pick around ten & repeat these to yourself.

My favorite from the list below is #51 which I repeat x9 aloud & finish it off with one shout out of #100.

I AM Picture

I Am Rich Affirmations

  • 51. Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
  • 52. I am a money magnet.
  • 53. Money is always attracted to me.
  • 54. I never have to worry about cash.
  • 55. I can easily create prosperity.
  • 56. I always find new ways to make more cash.
  • 57. I am always positive about my finances.
  • 58. I have no negative thoughts about money.
  • 59. My finances are good.
  • 60. cash is always flowing into my life.
  • 61. I always attract cash when ever I need it.
  • 62. When I have it I give it.
  • 63. What I give out comes back ten fold.
  • 64. I am in control of my wealth.
  • 65. My wealth is my health.
  • 66. I love the smell of money.
  • 67. My bank account is overflowing with money.
  • 68. I am rich.
  • 69. I love all the things my cash can buy.
  • 70. Wealth is attracted to me.
  • 71. I am a money magnet.
  • 72. I am financially free.
  • 73. I am open to receiving new wealth.
  • 74. Cash loves me.
  • 75. I am grateful for all the money the universe is sending me.
  • 76. I have no fear when it comes to money.
  • 77. No mater what happens, I’ll always have money.
  • 78. Making cash comes easy to me.
  • 79. Abundant wealth creates joy in my life.
  • 80. I spread the wealth when I have it.
  • 81. I am happy receiving cash.
  • 82. I have no limiting beliefs about money.
  • 83. Money is my friend.
  • 84. I release any fear I have about making money.
  • 85. I see prosperity everywhere I look.
  • 86. I am abundant.
  • 87. I am wealthy.
  • 88. I am always lucky when it comes to my finances.
  • 89. I have all the resources I need to make money.
  • 90. I am always thinking of new ways to make more cash.
  • 91. I am cash rich.
  • 92. I love to spend cash on improving myself.
  • 93. I am truthful when it comes to money.
  • 94. My money provides me with a great life.
  • 95. I am wealthy beyond belief.
  • 96. Everything I touch turns to gold.
  • 97. Everyday is another opportunity to attract more money.
  • 98. Money flows through my veins.
  • 98. I have a rich life.
  • 99. I always attract money.
  • 100. The universe always provides.

It may take a while to get into the habit of repeating these to yourself but over time it gets easier. After a while, you should notice a change in your belief system & things will start to happen for you.

This is the way they work, they will take time to absorb into the subconscious mind. But once they become familiar to you, this is when you will start to see results.

If you’re finding it difficult to repeat these during the day then you may want to look into recording them so you can play them back to yourself at any time.

Many people are now starting to write and record their affirmations. Why would they want to do this I hear you ask?

The main reason is that you can mix them in with your favorite music tracks so it becomes an enjoyable experience & not a chore.

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