The Best Ever Formula To Win Friends

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How To Make New Friends

Making friends can be challenging for some but can come naturally for others. It’s not too difficult to win new friends when you know when and where they will be. You see, all too often we start looking in the wrong places. For example, when looking for friendship, some will head to the bar.

This is probably the worst thing you could do if you are on your own. People are not stupid, they can read you, just like you can read them. By going to a bar on your own so you can make friends, you may come off as being desperate which is a sure turn-off for most people.

how to make friends your own age

AGEMethod Used To make New Friends Takeaway
Teens1. Join a Sports Club at school
2. Follow like-minded people from school on Instagram
3. Start a Hobby which will attract other people
At this age, you can be very impressionable so beware of this.
20s1. Be Yourself
2. Get Out More

3. Start a sport or hobby
If you are yourself then you will attract like-minded people. Just be natural & friends will show up.
30s1.Be more confident, having confidence attracts friends.
2. Change your old haunts, visit new bars or nightclubs.
3. Join a class on something you always had an interest in.
Time to start thinking about who your real friends are.
40s1. Get out in nature, start cycling or hiking.
2. Start a hobby, try something you never did before.
3. Get in contact with old acquaintances, they will have another group of friends you’ve never even met before.
People in their 40s are beginning to appreciate nature so many at this age will be out and about, so join them.
50s1. Join a gym, fitness, or yoga class, strike up a conversation with fellow members.
2. Become a member of a group like a book group. Start discussing books you’ve read with others.
3.Start an outdoor hobby.
Many in their 50s will start new hobbies or will get into other alternative ways of life. You’ll often find them in Yoga classes or doing meditation classes. Most will have found a hobby which is usually outdoors.
60s1. Volunteer for something close to your heart.
2. Start a new sport which is more relaxing like golf or fishing.
3. Join a club That is related to your new hobby.
People in their 60s are confident. They no longer feel the need to impress others. They are themselves, so no need to act, just be yourself.
Find Friends Your Own Age
New Friends lying on the grass
Win Friends

how to make friends when you are shy

If you are naturally shy then making new acquaintances can be very hard, to say the least. Some people are introverts and they can have real problems integrating and making friends. If you are naturally shy then there is no need to worry as there are a few things you can do to remedy the situation.

If you are any good at something which can impress others then by all means go for it. So for example, if you are good at certain sports, then you can meet new people this way no matter how socially awkward you may feel. The same goes for a hobby, if you have a hobby then this is a great way to meet more people who are like-minded.

Sad friend sitting on the beach
Sad Friend
when friends make you feel bad

If your new friend makes you feel bad for any reason then this is your gut telling you that you choose poorly when you started hanging around with this person. When friends make snide remarks to your face or behind your back, then this is a huge problem.

You should never accept this type of behavior from anyone so if it happens then make sure you tackle it right away because the longer you leave it, the worse it will get.

Firstly a true friend will never act in this way, they will never show this type of behavior. So the best solution for this situation is to realize that you’ve made a mistake and move on.

You can ghost your friend or you can just tell them straight out that the friendship is overdue to their unacceptable behavior. You may get an apology from them but to be honest, this sort of behavior usually ends up reoccurring.

normal friends on a beach
Making Normal Friends

how to make friends like a normal person

The question most people ask when trying to win new friends is “how do I come across as normal“. There’s no real definitive answer to this question because being normal to one person is not normal for another. The one thing to take away from this is to just be yourself. You don’t have to act normal if you are normal, right?

If you put on an act then others will spot this and you will come off as being desperate or worse, you could come across as being weird. People do not want to hang around desperate people. People want to hang out with people who are like-minded. They want to sit down and talk to people who sing from the same hymn sheet if you get my drift.

So if you want to come across as being normal, then just be yourself. This works every time as most people are decent, to begin with. Most people will not like to see someone who is left out, they will naturally want to include you in the conversation.

New York City Making New friends
make friends in new city

how to make friends in a new city

Moving to a new city can be quite daunting, to say the least. There are many reasons why someone would move, but the main reason more often than not is a new job. If you are starting a new job, then making friends in the workplace makes things way easier.

Many workplaces now have budgets for their employees to engage in activities after work. This is called team building and it’s a great way to make new acquaintances especially if you are in a strange city for the first time. So if you are in the workplace then make sure that you sign up for the sports & social first thing.

It’s a great way of meeting acquaintances as there is always food & drink get-togethers afterward. It’s in this environment that you will meet people who you can call your friends.

If you are not starting a new job and have moved for other reasons then this can be more difficult. Maybe you’re a homemaker and your husband or wife is the one who is out working. It can be quite difficult to meet new people in this situation.

The first thing to do is go online and find out everything you can about your area within the city. Find out if there are local communities for anything which you have an interest in & join them. Once you engage with these communities, they will make you feel welcome.

Whatever you do, do not wait around for a group of people to just show up out of thin air, this won’t happen. You must fully engage if you want to meet new people in your area. You can also pop in next door and say hello, you never know, they might be the same age group as yourself and also have the same interests.

Friends attracted by affirmations
Affirmations Attract Friends
Affirmations to make friends
  • I love myself
  • I accept who I am
  • I enjoy the company of others
  • I appreciate a good conversation
  • I am connected to people
  • People are attracted to me
  • People like having me around
  • I am always courteous
  • I am a magnet for like minded people
  • I never criticize anyone
  • I am the go to person
  • People always ask me for advice
  • I give off a positive vibe
  • People are naturally drawn to me
  • I have healthy relationships
  • I live in harmony
  • I am grateful for all the people in my life
  • I can rely on my friends
  • My friends can rely on me
  • I am worthy of great friendships
  • I am surrounded by good people
  • My comfort zone includes my friends
  • I am a good friend to many
  • I love meeting people
  • I come across as warm and friendly
  • More people appear in my life all the time
  • I choose who I hang out with wisely
  • My friends are loyal to me
  • I am a good listener
  • My acquaintances empower me

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