Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

Third Eye Chakra Image

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra is mainly responsible for instinct. It is also associated with imagination & institution. If this chakra is open and functioning correctly, then the person will be very intuitive and will more than likely have a great imagination.

Where is the third eye chakra located?

The third eye chakra or brow chakra as its also known, is located in the center of the forehead, between the eyes.

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When the third eye chakra is blocked.

As with any other chakras, there could be multiple reasons as to why it gets blocked. For this chakra, it could mean that the individual became so unmotivated that this blocked off their route to their imagination. Lack of imagination can cause all sorts of problems & so this would have a knock-on effect on other areas of the person’s life.

For example, someone with an unbalanced third eye chakra could have a lack of intuition. They could have other symptoms like problems focusing on what matters the most in their life & so will put things on the long finger. Over time, nothing seems to get done & this can lead to depression.

Once depression sets in, then this can lead to the individual feeling anxious all of the time without knowing the cause of the problem. They can even become paranoid in the long term.

Third Eye Chakra Frequency

Third Eye Chakra Healing Frequency Image
Third Eye Frequency

The Third Eye Healing frequency is 852 Hz: If this is blocked, then by listening to this music on this unique frequency, you can balance it in a very short period of time.

When listing to this type of music, an individual can become less anxious and more relaxed. The more they listen the more this chakra will become balanced. After a while, the 852 Hz frequency will lead to better intuition which will enable the individual to follow their gut instinct in any situation. The individual will also notice their imagination improving which will lead to new ideas which will lead to new opportunities.

How to open the third eye chakra?

By listing to the 852 Hz third eye healing frequency above or any music on this frequency, you can start the process of opening this chakra if it’s blocked. However, it’s also important to give intention when opening this chakra. You’ll need to convince yourself that you are changing and you can accomplish this by using affirmations. Below we list some third eye chakra affirmations which you can use in conjunction with any healing music.

By repeating these affirmations twice a day, you can enter the subconscious mind and convince yourself that you no longer feel anxious or lack motivation. You could feel a change within only a few weeks & this will lead to your imagination improving in leaps and bounds. You could also apply this method to open or balance other chakras such as the Crown Chakra.

Once these affirmations take hold, you’ll also notice a change in other areas of your life which have been affected by an unbalanced third eye chakra. So for example, besides an improvement to your intuition & imagination, you’ll also notice a change in how you deal with fear.

Having constant fear about things that pose no real threat is a sure sign this chakra is blocked or out of balance. After a while, you’ll notice your courage returning & you’ll be able to tackle any situation head-on.

If it’s blocked then this can also lead to confusion in many areas of your life. By opening this chakra, you’ll notice things become a lot clearer. You’ll notice how easy it is to think yourself out of any situation which requires it. Your focus will also improve so you give 100% of your mind to any situation rather than being scattered in your way of thinking.

You previously may have been close-minded but after unblocking this chakra you may notice that things that bothered you before really don’t bother you as they did in the past. Your new mantra will be ‘Live & let live‘. You’ll see life in a different way & you’ll respect all viewpoints without getting upset. In other words, you will have an open mind.

By unblocking this chakra, you will no longer be indecisive. You will always take the initiative & others will take notice. The list of affirmations for the 6th chakra which are listed below can be repeated to yourself daily for maximum effect.

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

  • I have a great imagination
  • I have great intuition
  • I am creative
  • I have an open mind
  • My thinking is clear
  • I know what I want
  • I follow my dreams
  • I have incredible motivation
  • My mind is clear of any negative thoughts
  • I have a sense of purpose
  • I surround myself with like minded people
  • I am strong willed
  • I feel connected
  • I seek out new opportunities
  • I trust my gut instinct
  • I can interpret my dreams
  • I have great clarity
  • I have ample vision
  • I know my true path in life
  • I follow my path in life without fear
  • I feel connected to the universe
  • I know that the universe always provides

Chakra Activation Package

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