Affirmations For Negative Energy

Negative Energy Surrounding A Woman

List of affirmations for negative energy to stop thinking negative thoughts or to stop putting yourself down. Reciting affirmations to release negative energy & negativity is easy to put into practice & will put a stop to negative self-talk. Repeat affirmations twice daily for best results.

  1. I let go of any negative thoughts I have
  2. I think about positive things
  3. I don’t blame anyone else for my negativity
  4. I take full responsibility for my own life
  5. I know a negative pattern when I think it
  6. I know negative thoughts do no serve me
  7. I avoid thinking negative thoughts during the day
  8. I awake with only positive thoughts
  9. I can easily put a negative thought out of my head
  10. I destroy negative thoughts by thinking positive ones instead
  11. I avoid limiting thoughts completely
  12. I only think of positive outcomes
  13. I look forward to the future and all of its positive outcomes
  14. I avoid negative people
  15. I walk away from negative talk
  16. I hang out with positive people
  17. I always follow my gut instinct
  18. I know when a situation is about to turn negative and avoid it
  19. I focus on myself and where I’m going in life
  20. I love myself
  21. I trust my intuition
  22. I seek out joy & happiness
  23. I avoid negative media on TV or the Internet
  24. I keep negative people away from my circle
  25. I fix things that go wrong rather than constantly blaming myself
  26. I know I can do it
  27. I never put myself down
  28. I never allow anyone else to put me down
  29. I don’t overthink things
  30. My mind is quiet & relaxed
  31. I never obsess over things
  32. I leave things that I know I cannot control
  33. I move on when a situation becomes negative
Woman with Negative Thoughts
Affirmations For Negative Thoughts

affirmations for negative thoughts

Affirmations for negative thoughts are for anyone who constantly thinks negative or bad thoughts. Repeating affirmations for negative thoughts regularly should have an impact on all types of unwanted thinking. Verbalizing affirmations out loud each day can have a positive impact on thought patterns.

  1. My thoughts are always positive
  2. I always think about positive outcomes
  3. I know that negative thoughts are self-destructive
  4. I easily clear negative thoughts out of my mind
  5. I look forward to the future
  6. I know that things will get better
  7. I think about the good things in life
  8. I avoid negative thoughts about myself
  9. I only think of positive outcomes
  10. I can easily think my way out of a bad situation
  11. I fill my head with positive thoughts before I sleep at night
  12. I think about something positive first thing in the morning
  13. I avoid negative thinking
  14. My thoughts are pure
  15. I remove any negativity by thinking positive thoughts
  16. I never let negative thoughts define me
  17. I am always looking for new positive things in life
  18. I know positive thoughts create positive outcomes
  19. I practice positive thinking every day
  20. I know I can change a negative situation by thinking positive thoughts
  21. I am thinking positive thoughts about other people
  22. I now know a negative thought when I think it
  23. I now know how to destroy a negative thought
  24. I know that if I can remove negative thoughts then my life will change
  25. I am positive energy
Negative Self Talk Woman
Affirmations For Negative Self Talk

affirmations for negative self talk

Negative self-talk affirmations are constructed in such a way as to fool the subconscious mind into having only positive thoughts. When repeating these affirmations, anyone can change their internal self-talk from negative to positive. Over time, repeating affirmations can help stop the negativity.

  1. I never put myself down
  2. My self-talk is always positive
  3. I love myself
  4. I know that there is no such thing as being perfect
  5. I always talk myself up
  6. I know that I can do it
  7. I know that effort pays off in the end
  8. I know that to change I have to change my thinking
  9. I easily stop negative self-talk with positive thoughts
  10. I know that negative self talk is no good for me
  11. I know that I can easily turn things around
  12. My inner talk is positive & helps me plan for the future
  13. I can change if I want to by using positive talk
  14. I know that the spoke work can change reality
  15. I know that speaking positive thoughts out loud can change my life
  16. I believe that great things are about to happen
  17. I know time is on my side when I make the effort
  18. I know I can change a negative into a positive by just thinking about it
  19. I never take part in the blame game
  20. I always take full responsibility for my actions
  21. I know my self-talk is more positive now
  22. I can feel that positive thoughts are working for me
  23. I know the more positive thoughts I have, the better my life will be
  24. I can easily let things that are not working for me go
  25. I know that the universe will always provide if I let it
Woman Cleansing Negative Energy
Cleansing Negative Energy

affirmations for cleansing negative energy

List of affirmations for cleansing negative energy. To release negativity, affirmations should be repeated out loud twice daily. Negative Cleansing affirmations can be used for any type of negative energy or self negative talk. Affirmations should be repeated daily until noticeable results are seen.

  1. I only feel positive energy in my life
  2. I avoid negative energy
  3. I am a great success
  4. My thoughts are always positive ones
  5. I remove any negative thoughts from my mind
  6. I am aware of negative thoughts entering my mind
  7. I never let negative thoughts get the better of me
  8. I can easily destroy negative thoughts in a second
  9. I know the more positive thoughts I have the less negativity can creep in
  10. I avoid negative people in my life
  11. I avoid negative situations in my life
  12. I avoid negative TV programs
  13. I avoid negative Social Media
  14. I know that being positive will raise my vibration
  15. I know that being positive will keep negative energy ways
  16. I practice positive self talk daily & destroy any negative energy
  17. I penalize myself when I have negative thoughts
  18. I am aware that negative thoughts attract negative energy
  19. I am aware that to remove negative energy my thought process needs to change
  20. I know that I can rid myself of negative thoughts easily
  21. I see a change in me when I stop the negative self-talk
  22. I know others take notice when I change my thoughts
  23. I know that it takes very little effort to change
  24. I am aware that others can see the positive change in me
  25. I am cleansing negative energy from my life every day

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