Zodiac Affirmations

zodiac affirmations

A complete list of affirmations based on your zodiac sign. Each sign of the zodiac has negative traits. We list affirmations that can have a positive effect on the negativity surrounding your star sign. Counteracting these negative traits can change the way you think and how you interact with others.

Below is a list of the twelve zodiac signs and their corresponding negative trait. By repeating these positive affirmations many times daily, anyone can imprint these positive statements onto the subconscious mind. This will affect the way you interact with others & they will take notice.

Negative Traits of Zodiac Signs

HouseSymbol NameSignNegative TraitPositive Affirmation
1♈︎AriesRamIndisciplineI am always organized
2♉︎TaurusBullMaterialisticI have little interest in material things
3♊︎GeminiTwinsLack of directionI always plan ahead
4♋︎CancerCrabPessimisticI am optimistic about my endeavors
5♌︎LeoLionDominatingI respect other people & their views
6♍︎VirgoMaidenJudgmentalI never pass judgement on other people
7♎︎LibraScalesIndecisiveI know what I want & I go for it
8♏︎ScorpioScorpionResentfulI am my own person & am always moving forward
9♐︎Sagittarius ArcherImpatientI understand that some things take time to happen
10♑︎CapricornGoatStubbornI am flexible & accommodating
11♒︎AquariusWater BearerUnpredictableI don’t make rash decisions
12♓︎PiscesFishOver-sensitiveI don’t care what others think about me
Zodiac Signs & Their Main Negative Trait


Affirmations for Aries
Affirmations for Aries

This sign of the Zodiac can be very impulsive and this can lead to making incorrect decisions in life. By rushing into things, the Aries sign will miss out on other opportunities and will never be happy with what they’ve got. They can also be stubborn & will often argue just for the sake of it.

Aries can also have a superiority complex & will often be insensitive to others. They will regularly disregard other people’s opinions & their emotions too. They can come across as being arrogant & opinionated even though they lack self-discipline themselves. Below we list some positive Affirmations for Aries which should counteract these negative traits over time.

Affirmations for Aries

  • I am sensitive to other peoples feelings
  • I can read other peoples emotions
  • I know when someone is upset just by looking at them
  • I empathies with other people in their time of need
  • I do not know everything
  • I keep my opinion’s to myself
  • I don’t always correct others but only when needed
  • I know that everyone I meet knows something I don’t
  • I am flexible
  • I have great discipline
  • I avoid confrontation
  • I always think before I take action
  • I always check all the angles before I make a decision
  • I am very patient
  • I avoid arguments
  • I walk away from arguments when I’ve already made my point
  • I am not impulsive
  • I can change my opinion
  • I can listen & take other peoples advice
  • I am not always right


Affirmations for Taurus
Affirmations for Taurus

The Taurus sign can be very stubborn at times. This, combined with them being lazy to a certain extent, can be a difficult combination. By being stubborn & lazy at the same time, they will not listen to anyone telling them anything. In other words, if you tell a Taurus to get out of their safe zone, you’ll be met with a curt reply.

Taurus can also be quite materialistic. They love the finer things that life has to offer & will try to attain these early on in life. If a Taurus cannot get the things they want, they move on & will try elsewhere. Because of their materialistic nature, this sign can also suffer from jealousy of others and what they possess. They can also resent you if you are more successful or are having a better time than them.

Affirmations For Taurus

  • I am a very polite person
  • People feel they can talk to me
  • I am very civil
  • I respect what others have to say
  • I always take others emotions onboard
  • I am not materialistic
  • I know there is more to life than material things
  • I know my future will be ok without material things in it
  • I am not possessive
  • I do not feel jealous of anyone else
  • I do not resent anyone
  • I respect others when they are successful
  • I am very active
  • I am always up and about
  • I never sit still
  • I am the opposite of lazy
  • I am always motivated
  • I take other peoples advice onboard before making a decision
  • I never offend anyone
  • I always help others out when I can


Affirmations for Gemini

The Gemini sign can be plagued with a lack of direction & decision-making throughout their life. They can find it difficult to stay on one path and will often chop and change at will. This can lead to confusion & eventually, the Gemini will give up on whatever project they’re working on.

Because of their constant lack of focus & their inability to finish something to its conclusion, they can fall into a constant state of stress. Because they are always chasing their own tail, they will worry about things that wouldn’t bother anyone else. A lack of direction & getting bored very easily are the Gemini’s biggest enemies.

Affirmations For Gemini

  • I am always consistent
  • I always finish what I started
  • I pay attention to detail
  • I always have a POA (Plan Of Action)
  • I follow my plans to the letter
  • I am an expert decision maker
  • I am flexible
  • I am always excited about my work
  • I am very calm and relaxed
  • I never take on more than I can accomplish
  • I never make promises that I cannot keep
  • I am excellent when it comes to detail
  • I am focused on the task at hand
  • I never get bored
  • I am always coming up with new ways to accomplish tasks
  • I know thing will work out in the end
  • I always finish what I started
  • I am disciplined
  • I am excited about completing my plans
  • I work smart


Affirmations for Cancer

The Cancer sign can be ruled by their emotions. They can be hurt easily even though the person who inflicted the hurt didn’t mean anything by it. In other words, the Cancer sign can imagine all sorts of hurtful things being thrown at them, however, this is usually all in their mind and isn’t real.

This sign can also suffer from mood swings which could be brought on by their fear of being hurt. Cancer can also abandon projects if things are not going their way. If it’s not working, they will tend to give up, rather than finding a better way to accomplish the task at hand.

Affirmations For Cancer

  • I always stick to my plan even if I experience failure
  • I embrace failure as I know its another lesson learned
  • The more I fail the better I get
  • I can control my mood swings
  • I know my mood swings serve me no good
  • I am not over emotional
  • I take criticism in my stride
  • I never get hurt by other peoples remarks
  • I move on when I know the relationship is over
  • I never hang around an ex, I move on
  • I know there is always better around the corner
  • I am always planning for a bright future
  • I can control my emotions
  • I can handle constructive criticism
  • I don’t take others comments to heart
  • I avoid negative people
  • I am in control of my own life
  • I am never suspicious of anyone or anything
  • I never abandon a project that I start
  • I finish everything to completion


Affirmations for Leo
Affirmations for Leo

Leo can come across as being very arrogant. They can suffer from delusions of grandeur & think they know it all. They think that everything belongs to them & that it should just be handed over to them. If there is a Leo in the family, then you may have seen this type of behavior already, especially when it comes to inheritance, etc.

They can also suffer from jealousy especially if another member of the family is doing well. They can’t give credit where credit is due. If someone works for something and is a great success, Leo will become jealous, rather than tipping their hat to them. As Leo’s know it all, you can never give them advice on anything. They will keep doing it their way no matter how many times they fail.

Affirmations For Leo

  • I am open to other peoples suggestions
  • I know that my idea may not always be the best idea
  • I listen to what others have to say
  • I know that others sometimes have great ideas that I should listen to
  • I can change my mind when I know its best for me
  • I don’t stick to the same plan just because I came up with it
  • I am not king of the Jungle
  • I am not a jealous person
  • I am not materialistic
  • I don’t want it all
  • I am patient
  • I know the world doesn’t revolve around me
  • I know that I have a big ego
  • I know that my ego has tripped me up before
  • I can control my ego
  • I know that I am not so important
  • I know that others sometimes come first
  • I know that others deserve the good things in life even though I don’t have them yet
  • I respect other peoples views
  • I know that much wants more, so am not greedy


Affirmations for Virgo
Affirmations for Virgo

The Virgo Sign can be stuck in their own head for much of their life. They will find it difficult to change & can come across as being very conservative in their thinking. They think that their ideas are the best & everyone else can take a back seat. Because of this, they can be quick to pass judgment on others even when it doesn’t warrant it.

The Virgo sign can become very pedantic especially in the workplace so it’s best to have all your work done correctly before you hand it over to a Virgo. They can be too analytical for their own good & can have a reputation for being abrupt & straight to the point without considering other peoples perspectives.

Affirmations For Virgo

  • I am not a fussy person
  • I know that my plans must be changed sometimes
  • I know there will always be some disruption to my plans
  • I always prepare for the unexpected
  • I know that everything in not perfect
  • I know that things don’t go perfectly all the time
  • I am not a harsh person
  • I keep my opinions to myself
  • I don’t pass judgment on others
  • I am never too direct as I know its rude
  • I am not conservative
  • I have an open mind
  • I know that times change & I have to go along with them
  • I have no problem with the way others live
  • I live and let live
  • I am not so perfect myself
  • I have many faults of my own
  • I know that there are somethings about myself that need to change
  • I pass judgement on myself and not others
  • I am not overcritical


Affirmations for Libra
Affirmations for Libra

Libra can be unreliable throughout their life. They will find it difficult to stick to the plan as they are constantly changing their minds. They jump from one project to another. They can also be easily impressed by glitter or superficial things. So if you’re good-looking, then you’ll easily impress a Libra to such an extent, they will be falling over you.

The Libra sign is also prone to laziness. Because they are constantly changing their plans, they simply get bored in the end & this can lead to laziness.

Affirmations For Libra

  • I am not a superficial person
  • I know that beauty is only skin deep
  • I am not impressed about how others look
  • I am not impressed by what others possess
  • I always keep my promises
  • I am always on time
  • I always show up when I’m expected to
  • I never break a promise
  • I am a very reliable person
  • I never change my mind
  • I always finish what I started
  • I never over relax
  • I am always up and about
  • I am a very busy person
  • I can easily make decisions
  • I instinctively know what the correct decision is
  • I know that sometimes I have to be straight to the point
  • I know that I’ll have to upset people to get what I want
  • I am a very reliable person
  • I know that people depend on me


Affirmations for Scorpio
Affirmations for Scorpio

The Scorpio sign is usually associated with being secretive. They can become quite jealous from time to time. So, if out and about you’ll notice a Scorpio becoming jealous when you even talk to another person. Of course, this is all in their mind, they instinctively don’t trust other people so there is always something afoot from their perspective.

Scorpios can be hurt quite easily & will seek revenge when they can. They also, like an elephant, never forget so be careful if you upset the Scorpio, they will not forget it in a hurry & will want payback at a later date.

Affirmations For Scorpio

  • I am not a jealous person
  • I never get jealous not matter what happens
  • I am not a possessive person
  • I give my partner the space they need
  • I am trusting to an extent
  • I give others the benefit of the doubt
  • I am not resentful
  • I take negative comments about me in my stride
  • I never get hurt by others comments
  • I live my life to the fullest
  • I don’t try to manipulate others
  • I trust my partner
  • I know my partner has friends and this is ok with me
  • I know my partner needs to meet their friends on their own and this is ok
  • I support my partner & never get jealous
  • I always try my best
  • I don’t let anyone put me down
  • I stand up for myself
  • I constantly make plans for my future
  • I know everything will work out in the end


Affirmations for Sagittarius
Affirmations for Sagittarius

The Sagittarius sign think they are perfect in every way. They can come across as being overly confident & others will notice this and resent it. They also tend to push things right up to the edge. If you work with a Sagittarius, you may notice they will expect extra work from you when there is none to give.

When in the workplace, the Sagittarius can be quite blunt as they are too honest & don’t know when to keep their mouth shut. Telling a white lie is alien to them.

Affirmations For Sagittarius

  • I have amazing patience
  • I never push things, I wait
  • I know that things will get done in the end
  • I never take things for granted
  • I am grateful for what I have in life
  • I know the universe will provide
  • I am consistent in all my endeavors
  • I am not perfect
  • I know I have faults
  • I know I need to work on my own faults
  • I never criticize others as I know I have faults myself
  • I have confidence but am not overly confident
  • I am grateful for my health
  • I am grateful for my family
  • I am grateful for my friends
  • I know that all will work out
  • I plan things out properly as I know things can go wrong
  • I practice to become more consistent in my endeavors
  • I am getting better every day
  • I am grateful for the life given to me


Affirmations for Capricorn
Affirmations for Capricorn

Capricorn can be quite stubborn in all areas of their life. They are also prone to taking action without looking into all the possibilities beforehand. Like the goat, they don’t look before they leap. This can lead to all sorts of trouble later on in life.

Being stubborn, they can stick rigidly to one plan without even considering a change. This can cause them to miss out on opportunities in life. They can also come across as being shy & will often just hang out with their close friends without ever making new ones.

Affirmations For Capricorn

  • I am easy going
  • I can take criticism in my stride
  • I am outgoing
  • I enjoy meeting new people
  • I have lots in common with other people
  • I love to arrange get meetings with my friends
  • I am always open to meeting new people
  • I love taking chances
  • I know that I can be wrong sometimes
  • I am never right all of the time
  • I can take on others peoples recommendations
  • I am open to other peoples suggestions
  • I learn something new everyday
  • I respect other views at work
  • I make valuable contributions at work
  • I don’t stick to the same plan when I know its faulty
  • I am constantly improving myself
  • I have a huge group of friends and acquaintances
  • I look out for others
  • I can change my views when needed


Affirmations for Aquarius

The negative side of an Aquarius can show itself as being aloof. They can sit in a room full of people and say very little as they are deep in thought. They can also be unpredictable and will often come across as being scatterbrained.

Changing an Aquarius mind is something that can seem impossible to do as they can be very stubborn. So it’s best to plant the seen in their mind and let them come to their own conclusion.

Affirmations For Aquarius

I am always consistent
I am open to suggestions from others
I listen to other peoples ideas
I take on board other peoples suggestions
I am always alert
I am always listening to what others are saying
I know other people will have different ideas to mine
I respect other peoples views
I can take advice from others
I partake in the conversation
I am not distant
I am fully engaged
I always finish what I started
I can change along the way
I know that others can rely on me
I know when I must change my plan
I know my plans will have to change sometimes
I can change my ideas & I’m ok with that
I can listen to what others have to say & change if need be
I am fully engaged


Affirmations for Pisces
Affirmations for Pisces

The main negative aspects of the Pisces sign will show itself as being pessimistic or lazy. They tend to blame their mistakes on other things rather than taking the blame themselves. They lose interest in things which they are not passionate about & can become lazy if left in this environment for too long.

The Pisces sign can also come across as being overly sensitive & will often get very emotional over things that would not affect the rest of us.

Affirmations For Pisces

I take full responsibility for my own decisions
I know my plans can’t work out every time
I do not get upset when things don’t work out
I can easily pick myself up & start again
I never get over emotional about irrelevant things
I know things will sometimes go wrong but I can fix it
I know that those who fail to plan, plan to fail
I am in full control of my emotions
I walk away from emotional triggers
I never get upset by every day things
I can control the situation
I am situation aware in all areas of life
I always plan for every outcome
I never get upset if my plans fail
I am in charge of the situation
I know that sometimes I can’t get what I want
I am grateful for what I have got
I am a stronger person
I am a better person now
I know the universe always provides

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